Bylo FarmerX

Born: 1904

Isle Royale Summers When I was a very young married girl, I had four boys in pretty quick order. Because my husband rented cottages during the school year for us to live in, we had to vacate each spring. Needing somewhere to live, I took my four little boys to Isle Royale, usually when there was still snow on the ground and we stayed until at least mid-September. On Isle Royale, we lived in a canvas tent put up on a wood platform. That lasted for way too long. One morning I opened the tent flaps to find a bull moose starring at me. That did it!!! The next year my husband built us a little cabin that even had a little gas stove. One day, as I rowed the boat up into Snug Harbor, one of the boys saw something in the water. I rowed over to see what it was. Fortunately, before the boys recognized it, I saw that it was the long hair of a woman who had drowned. I rowed away as fast as I could and got men to go out a retrieve her body. Chris Bryan, granddaughter Pelkie, MI

Contributed by: Bylo Farmer, Pelkie, Michigan