Beverly OllanketoX

Born: September 3, 1938

Location: Hancock, Michigan

My grandma, Beverly Ollanketo, was born in Hancock on September 3, 1938. She was a great mother and grandma. She was an only child. She quit high school in her senior year, but got her GED later. Beverly’s mother had a sister whose daughter was an actress on, “The Honeymooner’s”. Her name was Joyce Randaugh. That was Beverly’s cousin. She also raised seven children, four of them on her own, as she was single. She worked very hard to support her family. She had two jobs most of the time to make ends meet. There seemed to always be an obstacle, but she would always look on the bright side of things. I never really got to know her because she died of lung cancer before I was born. I know her more through pictures and stories my mom has showed and told me. She died on April 18, 1996.

Contributed by: Desiree Stauch, South Range Elementary