Beatrice SharkeyX

Born: August 7, 1905

Location: Marquette, Michigan

Hello my name is Beatrice Sharkey; I was born in Marquette, MI on August 7, 1905. I had seven children, five girls, and two boys. The biggest challenge I had was when my husband was disabled in the 1950's. My husband and I both worked at Woodenware Product's, Plywood Co. located in Munising. I had to keep on working to support my family. I love to fish and hunt, and I got a new job at the Fernery Co. My job was to pick pinecones and cedar; I worked until I was 80 years old! I think I had a positive impact on my family because money was a major factor. My work ethnics explain responsibility. I passed on how important responsibility was to my seven children and how to love someone just the way they are.

Contributed by: Evan Gravedoni, Ishpeming Middle School