August and Matilda MikkelaX

Born: unknown

A Shot of Whiskey Saves a Life by Taimi Mikkela Johnson Finnish families with children, single miners and single working women had gathered in the large upstairs hall above a building in Calumet, Michigan, for a happy Christmas Eve celebration with a program, food, gifts and dancing. My dad and his friend on their way to the event decided to stop at the bar for a few drinks of whiskey. While they were imbibing, talking and laughing a huge fired broke out in the Calumet building quickly reaching the upstairs hall where screaming people began struggling desperately to flee. Someone had locked the door to the hall from the outside - trapping the men, women and children where they died. My dad’s and his friend’s decision to stop for a drink saved their lives. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Note: My grandfather missed being caught in the Italian Hall fire/ Calumet MI) Craig Randal Johnson

Contributed by: Taimi Mikkela Johnson, Ishpeming, Michigan