Ann BowdenX

Born: 1829

Location: Camborne

"My name is Ann Bowden. I was born in Camborne, Cornwall, England in 1829, a daughter of Henry Richards and Mary Ann (Marks) Richards. I married my first husband, a copper miner named Richard Luke, there in 1850. He was younger than me and not very mature. By 1861 he went abroad, leaving me to raise our four children by myself. Because the mines were closing at home and work was scarce, my children and I made the trip across the ocean to Hancock, Michigan, where copper mines were booming, and by 1870 I supported my family by taking in boarders. I married my second husband Richard Bowden, and moved to Red Jacket (now Calumet), Michigan. We were very happy, and had a son together. Although 13 years younger than me, my second husband Richard also preceded me in death, and I found myself without a husband once more. To survive I ran a grocery store and boarding house called "The Traveler's Home" on North Fifth Street in Red Jacket. My portrait reflects that I was a hard-working, independent woman, yet a saucy joke I supposedly told that has passed down over 100 years reveals that I retained my Cornish sense of humor. By 1900 I was living in my boarding house with two of my children, a son-in-law, four grandchildren, two servants, and ten boarders. I died the tenth of August that year due to senile gangrene, and was buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Calumet. Eric Munch, 3rd-great-grandson, Calumet, MI.

Contributed by: Eric Munch, Calumet, Michigan