Alberta Grace Stimson DrakeX

Location: Oklahoma

When I was nine years old my mother took my brother and me to Oklahoma to live on a claim – 160 acres of land my father had filed on when the Panhandle of Oklahoma was opened to settlers. We lived in a tent until a one-room sod house was built. It was plastered with gypsum and had a wooden floor. We had no horses and wagon and no well. Water had to be hauled in barrels from a well five miles away. My father’s business was making things of concrete. He built a cistern for us and for neighbors in exchange for hauling our water and taking my mother to the store for supplies. The cistern was built like a jug and needed only a small cover. Foods needing refrigeration were hung in the cistern. My mother taught us children. My father spent most of his time caring for our little farm and his business back in Sabetha, Kansas. Cythnia Drake, granddaughter Houghton, MI

Contributed by: Cythnia Drake, Houghton, MI