Aina NordstromX

Born: September 6, 1882

Location: Michigan

My great-grandma, Aina Nordstrom, lived in Upper Torino in Finland. She was born on September 6, 1882. Her sweetheart, Oscar Nordstrom, came to America, and it made her very sad because Aina’s parents didn’t want her to leave. She borrowed money from her brother, Eli, to go to America. Her children had two outfits each: one for school and one for playing outside. A friend named Billy Knutson knocked on their door and asked if he could stay there for a few weeks, but ended up staying there for 14 years. Aina was a very warm and loving person. Her home was always open for company. She would give sleeping quarters and food for a lot of people through the years. She suffered in her later years from kidney infections.

Contributed by: Ashley Lehto, South Range Elementary